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Research & Development


I support research by writing original and review articles, grant proposals, summaries, and abstracts. 

I prepare posters and digital presentations for congress participation.

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Would you need a manuscript for scholarly publishing? Do you plan an Advisory Board meeting and need a protocol and a consensus article? Do you like to apply for research funding? Would you need a poster or digital presentation for congress participation? Do you need high-resolution figures and supplemental material organized to match the journal format? Do you already have a journal in mind, or are you still searching for one with the scope and aims that meet your study?


All this is a crafting and strategic task - I am well-versed in supporting your endeavors. I have two decades of scientific writing experience in biomedical research. Since I worked in a CRO, I am also familiar with publishing the results from clinical trials in 'clinical study reports' (CSRs) and research articles. Here, the focus is on the statistically significant efficacy and safety of the drug, the study design, and the patient cohort. I wrote successful fellowship and grant applications, created many posters, reported to authorities, granting bodies, and animal ethics, and published in international journals with impact (my publication list here)

For publishing a manuscript, I write clear, concise, and convincing cover letters, and I am firm in publication management and -processes. For global pharmaceutical companies, I manage publications in Datavision (Envision software).


I have much experience researching scientific literature and evaluating its quality. I quickly understand document guidelines for reports, applications, and journal articles and am well-versed in implementing these. I am experienced in structuring research data and crafting this into guideline- and style-conform documents with high-quality illustrative content. I highlight findings, sharpen conclusions, and write succinct rationales, abstracts, and summaries that express the significance of the research and put it into a medical context. My writings are always guideline-conform, science-based, comprehensible, proofread, and have illustrative content.


I always pursue my client's interests while adhering to the ethical principles of research and publishing.

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