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Medical Communication
Continuing Medical Education

I write Plain Language Summaries (PLS) of clinical study reports and publications (PLSP). I create audience-specific explanatory content, lay summaries, whitepapers, web content, and slide decks.  


I contribute content and develop units for your CME programs.

Texts in plain language for regulatory authorities and in healthcare


Emphasizing and explaining advanced therapies and therapeutics, I create intelligible whitepapers and plain language summaries based on scientific and clinical findings. I write comprehensible documents for laypeople describing the facts from clinical trials. I also create your web content, such as Blog articles.


I produce content for continuing medical education and government outreach. For example, personalized therapeutics are based on cell or gene expression modification and synthetic antibody delivery. Modern vaccines use intrinsic cellular machinery and, thus, have become challenging to understand. These methods raise questions among professionals and patients, and target group-specific answers are needed. Therefore, medical professionals, health professionals, and the general public need training and information tailored to them.


I have many years of experience in target group-specific information preparation and writing in generally understandable language. I am also experienced and enjoy working in teams to establish your online classes together.

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